• Dungeons & Dragons Online Goes Free-To-Play

    It seems that soon, D&D Online will become Free-To-Play, according to their website here. It is unknown how they will continue funding the game (my guess is micro-transactions?), but it does seem that free players will only have access to partial content (similar to RuneScape's current model).

    Nonetheles, I feel that this is good news - players will be able to get a "free sample" per-say without having to worry about the norma trail's time limits! Best of luck with your virtual D&D-ing.

  • Battlefield Heroes Open Beta

    Battlefield Heroes has now entered open beta! I highly suggest that anyone who enjoys the game Team Fortress 2 and/or the Battlefield series of games sign up to play. The game has a comedic feel, yet still provides players with objectives and hidden missions, such as "blow up 10 vehicles", so that everyone has the obvious goals, as well as hidden agendas.

    For those who really enjoy customising your characters, sadly, most items will cost "BattlePoints" which translates right into real cash. One can obtain "Valor Points" by simply playing the game, which will allow you to unlock weapons and other equipment that disappear after a certain amount of time (making you play more!).

    In the end, however, Battlefield Heroes is very enjoyable and fun to play, which is what matters most! Even then, who can resist a game that makes the Nazis Nationals sound like Saturday-morning cartoons.

    Sign-ups (and a comedic video) can be found here.


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